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From Technology to Agriculture and Saving the World

Meet, one of the fi-ve ag-tech companies participating in the 2023 CoLAB Accelerator, our 90-dayprogram to grow up-and-coming ag-tech companies!
Have you ever thought about cows burping? Well, if you haven’t, Dr. Yaniv Altshuler certainly has — and he’s on a mission toprovide technology to dairy farmers around the globe to help with- you got it, cow’s burps!

As the founder and CEO of, Yaniv's work focuses on utilizing artifi cial intelligence (AI)  to help cows go green. 

DFA announcement

We are thrilled to announce that has been selected as a member of the 2023 CoLAB Accelerator cohort by the Dairy Farmers of America. As part of this program, we are going to be collaborating with DFA experts and leaders of the dairy industry over the next 90 days. Our focus will be on further developing our expertise in utilizing AI technology for climate change mitigation in agriculture, with a specific emphasis on reducing methane emissions from cows' burps.

We are proud to be a part of this cohort and excited to connect with like-minded individuals!

AI Making a Significant Impact on Reducing Carbon Emissions from Cow Burps and Farts!

From Technology to Agriculture and Saving the World

We’re excited to share a brief interview featuring our exceptional team

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