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Helping Cows 
Go Green

Helping Cows 
Go Green

We are scientists, veterinarians, and climatetech professionals with decades of experience creating advanced ‎scalable technologies, now enabling farmers to produce more milk and meat with significantly lower ‎measurable methane emissions. ‎

We partner with farmers and other stakeholders in the meat and dairy industry to globally expand the ‎deployment of our novel microbiome analytics technology to provide individually customized diets for each ‎herd. ‎ was launched from MIT in 2022 with headquarters in Cambridge, MA and Tel Aviv.‎


Cows produce highly varying levels of methane at different times, emitting lots of methane when their digestive ‎system goes “out of tune.” When methane emissions increase, milk and meat yield decreases, directly affecting ‎farmers’ profitability.‎

Although various feed additives can reduce methane emissions and are available today, their efficacy is ‎inconsistent and often short-lived. It is very difficult to predict which additive would be able to reduce methane ‎emission levels for any particular herd, significantly limiting the effectiveness of treatments.‎

Produce more milk and meat with significantly, measurable lower methane emissions



Our team has developed a technology that can calculate the optimal feed additive cocktail for each herd. This is done based ‎on a gut microbiome sample taken from a small number of cows in each herd. The genetic information received from ‎sequencing these samples is then analyzed using our proprietary microbiome analytics engine. ‎

This technology, developed at MIT by the company’s founding team, is based on a novel scientific approach within the field of ‎Artificial Intelligence, using big data analytics and the mathematical laws of biology to understand complex systems like the ‎gut microbiome. Our novel approach can save up to X3 more methane than commercial solutions available today. ‎

Using Artificial Intelligence to decrease cows’ methane emission‎




The benefits to the farmers are two-fold. First, the company provides farmers with funding for feed additives ‎that improve the herd’s health as well as milk and meat yields. Second, they join the growing family of farmers ‎making a positive impact by reducing their climate (methane) footprint. In return, receives the carbon ‎credits associated with the methane reduction from the herd, to be used in the growing market of carbon ‎offsets helping to build a carbon neutral future.‎

Healthier cows and yield increase at lower emission



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